How To Properly Position Your Picture

Classic pop art canvas

Your beautiful piece of pop art is only going to look good if it’s properly positioned on the wall. So how do you get it in the right spot?  You don’t want to have a collection of holes in your walls from repeated efforts to get the positioning right, so use one of the following methods.

Method #1

You might want to recruit another person to help you with this. One of you should hold the picture against the wall while the other directs, indicating whether the picture should be higher or lower, or more to one side or the other. Remember that the best height for a picture is at eye level. When the positioning is satisfactory, the person not holding the picture should draw a small pencil mark on the wall that indicates where the top of the picture should be. Small marks can also be made on the sides.

Now, with the picture down, attach a measuring tap to the picture wire, or the hook, or whatever is going to be on the top of the nail that’s going to hold the picture in place. Measure from the top of the wire, pulling it taut, to the top of the picture. Then measure down from where you placed the pencil mark, using the same distance. Mark the spot. That’s where you drive the nail.

Method #2

Make a tool for hanging your picture. All you need is a wire clothes hanger and a pair of pliers. Cut a piece of the clothes hanger a foot to fourteen inches long. Measure in about four inches from the end of the wire, and bend the wire downward at a right angle to make a handle. Ben the wire on the other end in the opposite direction, forming an inch-long leg. Snip the end of the leg at a sharp angle, making a point.

Now, hook the pointed end of the tool under the picture wire, and using the wire handle, hold the picture in the proper position. Use your hand to press on the picture, causing the pointed wire to pierce the wall. That shows you exactly where to drive the nail.

Hanging Your Picture

Now you’re ready to hang your picture. You’ll want to make sure it’s level, but of course you probably know from past experience that pictures don’t always stay level – you always end up having to straighten them.

There’s actually a way to make sure that your pictures stay straight. Just get some peel-and-stick rubber bumpers from the hardware store, and put one on each corner of the frame. They’ll keep your pictures nice and level.

Enjoy your beautifully-hung art!