Stop Depending on Automatic Filters for Photos

Within over just one year, over 130 million people have decided to actively use one of the newest social media platforms available on the Internet to collectively post and share over 16 billion photographs, according to The basic concept of this revolutionary website, known as Instagram, was not to focus so much on viral videos, lengthy status messages and blogs as Facebook and Twitter. It was specifically designed to allow people to share photos with their friends, relatives and even complete strangers.


The Popularity of the Automatic Filter

One of the most popular features of this online platform, though, was the automatic filter that could be applied to the photographs immediately after they were taken. Users did not have to have a special camera or software package to create, for example, black and white photos, sepia-toned pictures and other impressive photo effects. Within less than 30 seconds, the average Instagram user can take a picture, enhance and colorize it through these automatic filters and share it publicly with the rest of the world.

This might be the most convenient way to increase the visual appeal of your photographs, but it surely is not the best approach to take. If you were interested in knowing how to improve the quality and captivating appeal of your photographs in a way that Instagram is not programmed to offer, then your best bet would be to learn as much as you can about pop art photos.


Appreciating the Power of Pop Art

Dashing pop art
Dashing pop art

When was the last time that you saw a sample of pop art that just blew you away? Even though it has a very retro vibe to it, this particular type of art has a timeless appeal that more than likely will never go out of style. Depending on the type of photograph with which you are working, pop art can truly bring the subjects to life. There are just so many different things that you can do and colorful effects that you can use when you decide to convert a photo to pop art that even the best online programs, such as Instagram, cannot duplicate.

If you enjoy being limited to using the same automatic filters that over 130 million people are using for their own photographs, then by all means continue to use Instagram and other similar photo websites that fall under the same category. However, if are interested in taking your photo to a much higher level artistically, then exploring the world of canvas pop art would be a wise decision.