Your Fun and Creative Options for Pop Art Photos

When you choose to turn your photos into fun and unique pop art, then consider all of your options. You have choices to be as creative as you would like.

There is no reason why you have to put the same, boring, plain pictures on the wall. Instead, you can liven up any room by adding something different that will certainly turn into a conversation piece. If you don’t know what pop art is, then it is time you learn. You can actually transfer your portraits into this fun form of unique, bright, and colorful work.

What Is Pop Art?

According to Wise Geek, pop art was born in the 1950s and was given the name by Lawrence Alloway, an English art critic. By the 1960s, the artwork had made its way to the United States and taken hold thanks to famous artists like Andy Warhol.

This type of work includes the use of colors, repetition and unique styles that are drawn from advertisements, product labels, commercials, and even comic books. One of the most common examples of this style of work is Andy Warhol’s Soup Cans. The artist used Campbell’s soup labels to create a unique piece of work. (Wise Geek)

Now that you know a little more art style, you can start considering the option to incorporate it into your home. Yes, you could go to the store or shop online and purchase a poster based on the famous artists. That would certainly be fun and bright in the room. However, you could also do something more personalized. You can turn any picture into pop art.

Your Options

You do have different options as well for turning your photos into the pop art style. Since there are so many different choices, you will surely find one that will suit your personal style the best. Just consider a few of the ways you could get started:

A great comics canvas
A great comics canvas
  • Classic – includes four panels of pictures in fun and unique colors.
  • Lichtenstein – In the style of Roy Lichtenstein, this artwork looks almost like characters drawn and colored in.
  • Graphic – Sort of like drawing in graphic pencils, the art will keep the subject’s features but in a more colorful style.
  • Color Splash – You can take any picture, turn it black and white and then fill in specific parts in color
  • Comics – A classic style of pop art, this option uses dots and thought bubbles to turn your subjects into comic characters on a great comics canvas.
  • Vintage – Pick a time from the past and turn your photo into this style.

There are actually many more styles you could choose based on the picture you have. The best way to make the decision is to consider each choice and how your selected picture will look when it is turned into pop art.

A Few Details

Most pop art looks the best when you use fairly close up images. A head and shoulders shot will often work the best, but you can be as creative as you would like. Just remember that you will be putting this art on your walls, so you want it to be something you enjoy seeing for years to come. Make sure it is personal and fun. You could even consider transferring a picture of your pet into this style!

You have fun and creative options for your pop art photos, so don’t limit yourself to just one style. Remember that this type of art is all about a unique design that draws from the colors, patterns, and styles of pop culture. Choose the perfect photo and you will have something infinitely more personal than just a poster you purchased at the store. It will be a conversation piece that everyone will love seeing, and you will never get tired of this type of décor.