Turnaround / Shipping

  • Can you ship to my country? I don’t live in the United States. How much will it cost?

    We can ship your Pop Art to most countries. There are some countries that require an additional fee on top of the regular shipping rate. The total cost of shipping to these countries is $49. You can find the complete list of these countries here. The turnaround time will be roughly the same for every country.

  • I’m ordering more than one print. Will I have to pay shipping for each?

    The flat shipping rate we charge covers all items in an order, so you will not have to pay an extra charge for additional items.

  • When should I expect my order to arrive?

    Please allow 2 business days for us to create your Pop Art image. Once you approve it, you will get it printed (if ordered) within another 7 business days.

  • How much does a custom Pop Art print cost?

    Pricing will be determined by the size of the Pop Art and the framing choice. All of the information on pricing can be found here.


Prices and Payments

  • In addition to changing the style of my photograph, can you perform additional modifications?

    Yes, we can. Up to three modifications are allowed per print, with each additional modification adding an extra $10 to the final cost of the item.

  • What are your payment options?

    You can pay via PayPal or credit card.

  • Can I purchase a gift certificate? How will you deliver it?

    If you want to give an original Pop Art print to a friend or family member as a gift, but are not certain what to buy, a gift certificate can be a great choice. We have many gift certificate options available, and will deliver them to the recipient through a beautifully designed email. We can also deliver hard copies through the mail. You can begin ordering your gift card here.

  • I received a gift certificate. Can I combine it with another discount?

    You can use either a gift certificate or a discount code on your purchase, but not both. It is recommended that you use whichever will give you the most savings on your item. However, you will be able to use a different discount or gift certificate on a future order. All gift cards can also be redeemed at our other website www.paintyourlife.com

  • What currency do you accept as payment?

    Before beginning your order you will have the option of choosing between US dollars, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, and Euros.

  • Can I pay after I have viewed the finished product?

    We will not be able to accept your order without prior payment, due to our fast turnaround time we will require full payment in advance.



  • What are the differences in the styles that you offer?

    The different styles that we offer are based on the styles of artists and artistic movements in pop art. If you are uncertain what the different styles will look like on a finished piece, we encourage you to look through our Showcase, which features before and after photos of our pop art prints.

  • Which style should I choose?

    The style that you choose will depend entirely on your own personal preferences, or the preferences of the person you are purchasing the item for if it is being given as a gift. There are a variety of styles available. Some are more “pop art” than others, such as Classic Pop Art, Graphic, and Lichtenstein. Options such as Color Splash and Vintage are better for those who prefer traditional prints, but who want something a little bit different.


Sending Your Photos

  • How can I send my photo by regular mail?

    In case you only have your photo as hard copy you may send it by regular mail to:

    340 S LEMON AVE #2346,
    WALNUT, CA 91789

  • Where should I email my photo?

    If you have photos to email to us, the address is sales@poparta.com


Photo Selection

  • My photo may be too damaged to be made into a Pop Art. What can I do?

    Photo editing technology is a wonderful tool, and the process of restoring old or damaged photos has never been simpler. However, every case is different. We offer a free photo consultation service that you can use to determine whether your photo is suitable to be made into a Pop Art print. Contact us by email beforehand and we will let you know if it is possible before you place your order.

  • Does my photo need to be in a certain format?

    Photos should be formatted as .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or .tiff images for the best results, though we can accept photos in nearly every format. When sending photos, be sure that you are giving us the best quality pictures that you have, in the highest resolution that you have. If you need further help determining whether the picture you have is suitable for a Pop Art print, email us for further information.

  • Can I send you any photo I have? What are you limitations?

    We try to be flexible with our customers when it comes to their photos, but some pictures will produce better pop art prints than others. There are a few guidelines that you can keep in mind when choosing the picture for your print.

    1. Higher resolution pictures produce better results. We will likely need a picture over 100 KB for the best quality print possible.

    2. When it comes to portraits, art styles tend to exaggerate a person’s features. Choose a flattering photo with a clear view of a person’s features for a print that will highlight an individual’s good qualities rather than their flaws.

    3. Pop art prints do not have to be portraits! Many people choose landscapes, flowers, artistic photos, and even pets for their prints.


Photo Editing

  • Many of the Pop Art prints in your showcase don’t have backgrounds, or feature artistic backgrounds. Will you do this with my print?

    It is all a matter of which style you choose, and what your preferences are. Keep in mind that some photographs with busy backgrounds do not translate well to pop art prints, and we suggest toning the background down or eliminating it altogether for a better piece of art. However, you will always have the final say, and we will not print your order until you have approved the final design.

  • What other kinds of editing can you do?

    It is hard to say what we can and cannot do. If you have any alterations to the original that you would like made, leave a message in the comment box and we will communicate with you to determine what can be done. With highly stylized Pop Art prints that are not in “realistic” colors, you can ask for favorite colors to appear in the final print. You can also ask for color to be added to a black and white photograph, to have objects added or removed from photographs, and even for older photographs to be retouched.

  • What happens if I don’t like the design after you have created it?

    You will always have the final say in the design of your photograph, and we will work with you to create the perfect design for your pop art print. Never hesitate to make suggestions about changes you would like to see to the design. Just keep in mind that major alterations, such as the removal of a background, count as one of your modifications.

  • I want to combine two (or more) different pictures in my print. Can I do this?

    This is possible, and it is a common modification choice. Just remember to upload all of the photographs that will be needed for the design on the order page or send them to us in an email, and tell us which elements you want in your print.

  • I have a black and white photo I would like to see colorized. Can you do this?

    Not only is this possible, it can be a great design choice for a pop art print. You can either choose to have one or two elements in the picture colorized with our Color Splash design style, or you can have the entire photo colored. Just remember to tell us in the comment section if there are any specific colors in the design, such as eye color or hair color.


General Questions

  • How will I know when my order is on its way?

    You will receive a notification email that your order has been shipped, containing a tracking number.

  • I have already finalized my edits, but my status says my print still has not shipped. When will it be ready?

    The printing process does not begin until you finalize the edits, so be sure to do this as quickly as possible. Once your edits have been finalized, it should take the standard 3-4 days for the print to ship.

  • What happens if I decide to return my print?

    We are committed to our customers’ happiness. Review this page for our return policy.

  • Will you keep my information protected if I pay through your site?

    Our customer’s privacy is one of our top concerns, and we will never sell or share your information with any third party sources.

  • I still have questions that need to be answered. How can I talk to someone?

    Visit the “Contact Us” page to email us with your questions, or use our live chat to talk with a representative.